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Organise Your Knowledge

Encourage candidates to work with multiple organizing structures. Ask candidates to draw a concept map to expose their knowledge organizations. Use a briefing task to expose candidates' knowledge organizations.

Improve Your Skills

Increase sharing of your knowledge generation. Develop deep knowledge skills from others' profiles. Establish a favorable reviewer of your skill domain with MYCs rating feature . Use outside sources of ideas effectively to share with others.

Be Secure In Your Identity

All candidates and reviewers personal profiles will not be accessible for non-registered users of MYCs.Mandatory to register with MYCs to visit other candidate profiles.

Experts Reviews

An expert review is an inspection method designed to identify usability information in an online service from different users. The review is carried out by an experienced person of usability experts of various skills, who analyse to identify any potential usability issues.

Support To Others

Support other candidates with your respective valuable knowledge at MYCs portal. Definitely your skill perspective and support will help them in their career path.

Impress Your Recruiters

Impress your recruiters with your skills and rating popularity at MYCs portal. Candidates can get popularity with good reviews and ratings given by Experts or Reviews. So with that help, FUTURE features of MYCs candidates can impress recruiters from our portal itself.


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